September Heck Yeahs!!

So September was my first major lifestyle overhaul plant-based month and to celebrate a month of success I thought I would share with you my top products of the month!

Disclaimer – I am in no way sponsored by any of the companies these are just genuine products I love. Also not everything here is vegan but it is all veggie 🙂

Monq – Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser

I am trying to tak7pack-600w-Oe a more holistic approach to life and have long known the benefits of aromatherapy and I just fell in love with these. You essentially inhale all the aromatherapy goodness and let it work its magic. I bought a pack of 4 which retails for $69 each stick will last at least a month so pretty good value of for money. And there are absolutely no nasties in them.

I chose Happy, Healthy, Sexy & Vibrant and I love them feel a bit like Absolem when I use them but well worth using them.

Bathing Beauty

They are a company local to me and are registered with both the Vegan and Vegetarian Society. They are all into organic and mindful manufacturing and all that good stuff. Basically, you have already fallen in love with them before you try their products. Then you start using their products and MIND BLOWN it’s amazing. I think this is quite possibly my new go to for my skincare and such and will be probably buying the whole range over the next few months but this month’s Faves are.

Balaclava Face Salve – If you have seen my Instagram you will know I cannot get enough of this beauty. Designed to protect your face from the elements I wear it every day and it is a great base to apply your make up on to knowing it does your skin good too.

Miracle Oat & Honey Soap – This is my new jam, Granted not vegan but I still love it. Gentle enough for face and body and great at getting rid of all the daily makeup gunk. It lasts really well and the oats add a nice exfoliator texture to it so you feel squeaky clean.

Shy Skin Facial Oil – I have always had hiccups finding products for my face as I have sensitive skin that’s kind of dry yet kind of oily, but I gave this a whirl and have been pleasantly surprised. A few drops on my face at night and my face is as smooth as a baby’s bum and spot free yayaya, and it smells delicious.

Cocoa Lipslick  – All I have to say is this is the first time I have made it to October without the agonising mid-lower lip cracking. Feel Lush, smells lush, tastes good and does not leave my lips feeling dry.

And Personal Shave Oil – This must have been sent from the heavens never in my life have my legs felt so soft just sayin.

So there you have it this month’s faves I will leave relevant links below so you can check them out. And I really recommend Bathing Beauty I am in love 🙂



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