The Imaginary Dinner Party

So I am hosting a dinner party it is going to be the best dinner party ever, Fine food and I would say wine but I don’t drink so fine non-alcoholic beverages. I am inviting 6 people and I am going to share the guest list.

So here goes in no Particular Order:

  1. Winston Churchill – Errrm Obvs great politician his quotes are the bomb and I love hearing his voice, plus I think you could learn a lot from him.
  2. Jesus – He has to be on the list because I think I need him to clear a few things up for me OKAY?! Btws I am a Christian and love respect and try to be Christlike in my dealings, but the struggle is real.
  3. RuPaul – Obsessed with Drag Race and is it just me or is she not AWESOME and Stunning, and witty and clever and so insightful.
  4. David Attenborough – The man is a genius nuff said.
  5. Stephen Fry – Loved him since I was like 12
  6. Joanna Lumley – Because just its Joanna Lumley

Food Concocted by Heston Blumenthal. Location Windsor Castle (Obviously I cleared this with Queen First )

Who would you invite to your Dinner Party?




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