Blogoween #5 How I waste my fabulous time #1

Welcome to My mini-series how I waste my Fabulous Time No#1. Today I am going to take you through 10 Youtubers I am CURRENTLY Loving. I say currently as it changes all the time so here goes!!

  1. Simon & Martina – I love watching their adventures in Japan and all the glorious food that they eat.
  2. Bonnie Hoellein – She has the cutest family and I love a family vlog
  3. 8 Passengers – Bonnies Sisters Channel and again another fabulous family blog
  4. WOW Presents – Because I am addicted to watching drag queens do their make up.
  5. Muchelleb – Cos sometimes we need a bit of help with life and getting our selves together.
  6. Hannah Mcneely – I love her cute little videos, some times a 5 minute pick me up is all you need and she is pretty much guaranteed to make you smile, and make you want to eat lots of Vegan deliciousness.
  7. Ellen Fisher – Hannah’s Sister and such an uplifting vlogger. She inspires me to eat better and makes me want to move to Hawaii
  8. Logo – reason see number 4
  9. Miss Fame – again see above
  10. Ellen – Who does not love ellen?????

So there you have it currenr top 10. Who do you like at the moment???



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