Did you know that the Leek is the national vegetable of Wales??

Betcha didn’t. They are tasty delicious goodness and I am going to tell you some leekey facts!

The welsh word for leek is Cenin, and the welsh word for daffodil (the national flower of Wales) is Cenin Pedr which translates to Peters Leek.

When St David the Patron Saint of Wales fasted he would eat only leeks – because they are nutritious and delicious.

Leeks are in the bible and were eaten by the ancient Egyptians

And If that wasn’t enough reason to love them, apparently they are super easy to grow and look at all the nutritional goodness they contains:


So that’s my look on the leek and they make an amazing Leek and Potato soup, comment below if you fancy a leeky green recipe 🙂


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