Sunday Musings – Spiritual Self Reliance

For me Sundays are the day I go to church and nourish my faith. And whilst I am not one to talk about religion on such forums the Sunday School lesson we had today I think has a far wider lesson than just its application in the church and that was Spiritual Self Reliance.

Self Reliance is the ability to depend on one’s self and know that you have the strength and sense of Identity and resources to handle whatever life throws at you.

Over recent months I feel like the Universe has thrown a lot at us by way of terrorism and natural disasters, dodgy politicians and just the day to day crap that the world decides to launch our way. Which from time to time leaves us all on shaky ground.

Outside of a religious setting, we all need to become spiritually self-reliant. What I mean is that we all need to take time to learn our values, our core beliefs, what makes us tick and what makes us seethe. What we are OK with and what we are not OK with.

We need to take time to get to know our souls inside and out. We live in a world full of conflicting beliefs, what we should and should not do is thrown at us from what feels like a million angles daily and we can so easily fall into the trap of simply just doing things because we are told to.

We are on this earth for but a short time and as I come to understand and realise this it dawns on me that I am not here to please others, to do as they want. I am here on my own journey, my own path, and that might not be a conventional path or one loved ones had envisioned for me but that’s fine it is my path and my Journey.

Discovering a true sense of self and a deeper understanding of my soul through, meditation, learning, and a rather interesting life coaching session, as well for me prayerful consideration. I learn who I am my values and beliefs, and whilst they are not always in tune with the rest of the world, this growing sense of self is increasing my capacity to love, to understand, to respect and to empathise with others, even those whom I thought I would never be able to.

I guess what I am trying to say is that being spiritually self-reliant is so much more than opening a set of scriptures and reading and praying. It is Vital to everyone whether we have a belief in God or not. It is about learning who you truly are and how to feed those unique needs and values of your soul so that you can live harmoniously with the world without losing your sense of self. It is about building up enough inner peace that you can handle whatever life throws at you and grow from every learning opportunity, and see every hardship and trial as a chance to grow.

So Random but they are my Sunday thoughts. How do you build up your spiritual self reliance?


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