Why baby Why

Being Plant-based or vegan is one heck of a big change in your lifestyle, it is not a should I buy this top or not kind of commitment, but one where you make a commitment to completely shift your perspective on not only food but skincare, toiletries, hair care, clothes, and accessories. This is a major lifestyle overhaul, sorta like moving in with your boyfriend kind of commitment.


Now I am not saying it’s not worth the effort, it absolutely is but the point of this blog is to tell you,  you need a WHY!!


Your Why needs to be the thing you turn to when you are struggling that will stop you from scoffing that bacon buttie, digging in for that slice of cheese. You’re why needs to be strong enough to overcome all of your weakness foods. Now it will not work every single time, sometimes we do just crumble, but you need your why.


Why is your reason for doing this, whether it’s for the animals, your health, the environment or the “street cred”. It needs to be yours and not someone else’s. Going vegan just cos your bestie is not a recipe for long-term success guys.


My why was for my health I wanted to take a more holistic approach to my health and new that a dramatic diet overhaul would help so many of my problems. Knowing my why then helped me to tailor my research to that aspect of a plant-based lifestyle.


I was not in this for the animals, growing up in the countryside I have never had a problem with the killing of animals for food, so for me looking at cute baby lambs was not going to stop me from eating meat, also I hate cows so eating them has never been a problem. But learning about the benefits of a meat-free diet and the chemicals that are used to process our foods certainly did help me, all of a sudden meat looks processed and unnecessary. The change in my well being from cutting out dairy was amazing so that kept me strong on that front.


By focusing my Why to what is personal to me it has allowed me to be more successful in this, and because I did not overwhelm myself at the start I have had a shift in view towards both the killing of animals for food and the environmental impact of consuming animal products. Which is, in turn, grounding me and making me a stronger person and strengthening my ability to pursue this lifestyle.

So Find your Why and refine it, then follow others on social media who have the same why and build relationships with people on the same page as you, and be strong on your Journey.

Bit of a rambly post but yeah, so what’s your why.


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