October Is Here!!!

Yay I bloody love October, I think I might like it even better than December. So to Celebrate this beautiful month I have decided to do blogoween or blogtober whichever you prefer and to Kick Start I am going to give you my Top 10 reasons for why October is the best!

  1. Heating is allowed on. It is now socially acceptable to light the fire and crank up the central heating, Yay we get to be warm and cosy.
  2. Autumn evening walks in the woods with the pooch are the best plus kicking all the leaves that have fallen off the trees makes the best sound.
  3. Salad can be banished from the lunch menu until January, hello hearty soups
  4. Hot Chocolate and a good book. Rubbish weather means you don’t have to go outside 🙂
  5. Ridiculous make up, this is the one time of year where you can look goth and no one questions it.
  6. All of the good smelling winter candles are out now.
  7. Pumpkins. Not just for carving, but soups, pies, pastas and roasted
  8. Halloween Music. Hands down Way better than Christmas Music
  9. Dads Roast Dinners are BACK on the Menu on Sunday
  10. HALOWEEN love love love it, and everything that goes with it. Should totally live in America this is my Holiday!!!

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